Monday, February 19, 2007

Too bad the ground's still frozen

My carrot seeds arrived on my desk yesterday, so now all I need is the last frost and some other seeds and to start some tomato plants, and then it will be time to get outside.

I've been wanting to plant some basil inside because I have huge south-facing windows that make parts of the apartment greenhouse-like, but casual attempts to find potting soil have proved fruitless.


maliavale said...

The flower store in Bolton Hill sells it for cheap.

Why are those carrots purple?

Airhen said...

I know, I've bought from them before. I've only looked in places I've been for other things (like Wal-Mart).

The carrots are purple because they are that kind of carrot and because they're part of the kaleidescope mix. Carrots come in lots of different colors.

maliavale said...

I learn something new from you every day. And I know someone who might want to chomp on those carrots, unpeeled.