Thursday, February 08, 2007


It's really smart of me to post a photo of the cards I'm making, because then it will totally be a surprise to my friends when they get them. I used a tutorial on The Sampler to tea stain the card stock. Before staining, I copied by hand something like the template from there, but you're supposed to just print it out. I didn't feel like getting out my printer, though.

Then I glued the card stock to some red paper (a little smoother than construction paper), punched a hole near the top and tied some ribbon through the hole.

I also experimented with tea-staining some envelopes, but I forgot that maybe I shouldn't get the envelope glue wet. I'm sure it could be done, carefully, but the envelope might be a little thin to survive the tea well.

This is just the prototype. Next time I'm going to draw straight lines to cut along instead of just cutting freehand. And I'm going to punch two holes instead of one for the ribbon.

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