Friday, April 14, 2006

by Knut Hamsun

Larry Scott -- Baltimore's most famous artist, at least to me -- told me to read Hunger. As I don't know any artists, not many tell me to read books, so when one does, I listen. (I was in a Koffee Therapy, where he is the curator, and he was dropping off the book for the owner, Ric. Say hi to Ric's cappuccino.)

It's a sort of autobiographical starving artist novel, and it reminded me of Crime and Punishment in the sometimes maniacal manner of the narrator.

The unnamed narrator is mostly unlikable. He's not helping his situation any, and I wanted to yell at him that he really should just take the money people were offering. But yelling at a book works as well as yelling at a TV screen.

Paul Auster, in his introduction, "The Art of Hunger," points out that the unnamed narrator's cycle of poverty and hunger, and not his writing, becomes his art. Posted by Picasa


Maliavale said...

What the heck? How did you post with Picasa? Or, rather, why?

Airhen said...

Because it was the first way I figured out how to post a photo. I just hit "blog this" under the photo. I think it only works with blogger, because Picasa and Blogger are Google software.

Maliavale said...

Blogger has a better way: Just use the little image button on the taskbar when you're writing a post, and you can edit sizes and where it goes and all that jazz. I miss that tool. *sniffle*