Thursday, February 16, 2006

Three Days of TV, one Great Show

I spent the past three days on the couch, getting up only to refill my water glass and to go to bed.

Too sick to read, I watched -- or at least listened to semi-consciously -- a lot of Date My Mom, Made and My Fair Brady (seriously, Adrienne Curry, first winner of America's Next Top Model, shut up). And then there was The Flavor of Love.

I caught only one episode, and until checking I vaguely suspected that, high on Rite Aid brand Nyquil, I had made this show up. Because if I could create a show while taking Nyquil, I think this would be it.

Flava Flav lives in a house with a bunch of women who are too young for him and tries to find true love. In the one I caught, Brigitte Nielsen shows up to help out her old Foofy Foof, described by one BET message board user as a "little burnt up Ninja Turtle." (It's obvious that these two are still love. What they had was real!)

I only wish I had had the strength and good sense to open my eyes.


maryann said...

i was at leroy's house a week or so ago and we ended up watching that show. how flavor flav launched back into the general consciousness is beyond me.

even more mystifying -- that these women are dying to be picked by the burnt ninja turtle.

...he is funny tho. glad you're somewhat on the mend!

Maliavale said...

The best part is the clocks. "You know what time it is!"