Monday, March 05, 2007

Something I am not doing

That would be making curtains.

Since I moved into my place in December, I have needed curtains. I have huge windows that are too tall for anything off the rack. And they face south, so they spend all day capturing sunlight, making my place hot.

I have measured for curtains and bought all the hardware to hang them, but I have yet to buy fabric.

All the fabic stores are inaccessible to me. They're either on a bus line that I don't know how to get to or the light rail runs by there but doesn't stop nearby. I called one store and asked whether they were near the subway and was told, "Kind of?"

There is one that's close enough to a light rail stop, but I've been there, and there are no sidewalks between the stop and the store, which is on a busy, curvy road. Not fun or safe. (There is a bus between the stop and the store, but it runs about every 45 minutes, and I really don't need this to become an all-day ordeal.)

I even tried Wal-Mart, but finding 12 yards of the same fabric was not happening there.

Baltimore, I am so disappointed in you.

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maliavale said...

IKEA? Is White Marsh accessible by public transportation?