Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Let's scrub!

Music to Wash Dishes By: Volume 1
Music by The Hi-Fives, The Queers, Ten-Four and Scared of Chaka
Zine by Dishwasher Pete

Much of Dishwasher Pete's zine is typed, but his intro isn't and it must be said that he has very neat handwriting. But two of the guys in the bands also write, and maybe their handwriting isn't so great, so type is probably best.

I bought the record for Troy. He didn't wash any dishes while listening, but he says he will. I know I would. There are four songs -- along with some inspirational words on the importance of clean dishes to any restaurant -- so if you have a big job (maybe you made a complicated meal or let your dishes pile up for a few days; it's OK, it happens), you might run out of music. Also, if you don't remember records, you have to turn it over after the first two songs. But you could use a break anyway.

The music and zine are a tribute to professional dishwashing, but don't worry, you can totally use them at home, too.

Troy thought the music sounded kind of like the Dead Milkmen. I thought it had a Le Tigre quality, by which I mean one song used the F-word a lot.


Maliavale said...

Your post title makes me giggle. It's very "you."

Airhen said...

I know -- I use it more than I think, like two titles ago.

Maliavale said...

Lucky for you, I get notified in bloglines and therefore have no immediate record of your last few posts. But it reminds me of your photo titles.